Mix Op-Ed: Biden will Strip Away All Right to Work Freedoms

National Right to Work President Mark Mix’s Op-Ed “Incoming Biden administration likely to go after worker freedom” was published by The Detroit News, click here to read the full post.

If President-elect Joe Biden has his way, Michigan workers will be stripped of their freedom to decide for themselves whether or not to financially support a union.

Michigan is one of 27 states that have enacted right-to-work laws to protect workers from being fired simply for refusing to join a union or refusing to fund union activities. In right-to-work states union membership and financial support are voluntary, not forced, giving workers a tool to hold unresponsive union officials accountable.

Joe Biden's policies would have given corrupt UAW bosses the power to have workers on the factory floor fired for refusing to fund their salaries and lavish spending, Mix writes.
Source: The Detroit News & Patrick Semansky, AP

Beyond the “PRO Act,” expect Biden appointees to roll back the modest reforms the Trump administration has enacted to check union boss coercion. Policies on the chopping block include Department of Labor efforts to increase union transparency, a Health and Human Services Department rule to stop unions from illegally siphoning off Medicaid payments, and multiple reforms by the National Labor Relations Board to eliminate barriers workers face in getting a vote to eliminate a union they oppose.

To test whether Biden supports a particular labor policy, just ask: Would it result in more workers being forced to pay union dues, or else be fired? If the answer is “yes,” you can predict confidently that Biden is for it, even though rank-and-file workers are most often the victims of such coercive union power.

Mark Mix is president of the National Right to Work Committee. Mix’s full Op-Ed was published by The Detroit News, click here to read the full post.