New Source of AFL-CIO union dues – Illegal Aliens?

The AFL-CIO has signed a formal agreement with the National Day Laborer Organizing Network that is another step toward Big Labor’s dream — an unlimited supply of illegal aliens who can pad their revenue stream. In return for the potential of a new revenue stream, union officials promised to lobby for amnesty for the illegal aliens already in the country.

The Associated Press described the reasons for a deal — “Some members [union officials] see undocumented workers as a vast untapped pool of potential new members.”

The agreement was condemned by anti-illegal immigration groups. “The unions mistakenly believe it’s a source of new members,” said Joseph Turner of Save Our State, which has staged dozens of protests at day labor sites across Southern California. “They will undercut their memberships by bringing in illegal aliens.”

It’s certainly not the first time the specter of organizing illegal aliens has raised its head in the United States, but in Europe the practice is more established. In March 1999, one of the largest trade unions in Belgium recruited illegals to campaign for amnesty.