New Union Election Rules Put Into Question

Rieth-Riley Construction

New Union Election rules are being questioned as to whether they were properly followed and should be followed, regarding a vote to decertify the union over Michigan’s Rieth-Riley Construction Co.

From an article posted by Tim Ryan from Law360:

“The board should not permit a region to so blatantly ignore its rules to frustrate employees’… rights at the 11th hour,” [Rayalan Kent, a Rieth-Riley Construction worker,] said in his request for review.

In opposition to the requests for review, the union argued that [Detroit office regional director Terry] Morgan’s decision came after a “careful and thoughtful investigation” into how the decertification petition came about. It dismissed the company’s and the workers’ criticisms of the decision as “overwrought.”

National Right to Work Foundation Vice President Patrick Semmens praised the board’s decision in a statement, but lamented how long the challenge took.

“We’re pleased the outrageous decision disenfranchising these workers after their votes had already been cast will now be reviewed by the full board,” Semmens said in a statement. “However, it shouldn’t take a team of lawyers and multiple appeals just for workers to exercise their statutory right to hold a vote to remove a union they oppose.”

Tim Ryan, Law360

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