NLRB Grants GC Ohr’s Withdrawal of a Brief Regarding “Contract Bar” Case

Peter Ohr NLRB

Acting General Counsel Peter Ohr had requested a withdrawal of a brief that was originally put forth by previous General Counsel Peter Robb. The brief was to address the “Contract Bar” affecting Mountaire Farms. However, the approval of the withdrawal does not mean that changes can be made to the brief. GC Ohr will not be allowed to submit a new brief for the case.

Robert Iafolla from Bloomberg Law covers these events in a news story, and gets Patrick Semmens to share his opinion on the subject matter:

“The NLRB was correct to reject Ohr’s bid to file a new brief,” said Patrick Semmens, a spokesman for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, which represents the worker seeking to oust a United Food and Commercial Workers affiliate. “Ohr almost certainly wanted to delay the case by filing his brief,” Semmens said.

Robert Iafolla, Bloomberg Law

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