‘No One Is Forced to Join the Rotary Club, Yet Rotarians Still Go About Their Business Peaceably’

crowder_union_violenceNational Review Editor Rich Lowry skeptically examines some of the excuses forced-unionism advocates are making for this month’s spate of Big Labor threats and violence against Right to Work supporters in Michigan:

State representative Douglas Geiss achieved his 15 minutes of notoriety by taking to the floor of the Michigan Legislature to warn “there will be blood” in response to the right-to-work law. He couched his prediction in terms of past corporate–union conflicts. But why would Michigan companies want to beat anyone up over a right-to-work law? Come to think of it, why would anyone consider a law allowing people hired at a unionized shop to decide freely whether or not to join a union an incitement to violence? No one is forced to join the Rotary Club, yet Rotarians still go about their business peaceably.

When Thuggery Is Okay