Obama NLRB Thumbs Its Nose at U.S. Supreme Court

A Washington Examiner editorial today properly condemns the Obama Administration and its bureaucrats for their latest schemes to wield their regulatory power to tilt federal labor policy even more steeply in union bosses’ favor.  The most outrageous recent example is the Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board’s Supreme Court-snubbing Geary decision.  The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation attorney who represented plaintiff Jeanette Geary in this case is now weighing an appeal in federal court:

In the case United Nurses and Allied Professionals v. Jeanette Geary, the NLRB effectively undermined the Supreme Court’s Knox ruling.

In Knox, the court affirmed that while unions can force nonmembers in most states to pay dues, the money can be used only for collective bargaining expenses. Unions cannot force those same workers to subsidize their political activity.

In Geary, however, the board’s Democratic majority ruled that nonunion workers do not have a right to demand an audit or other independent confirmation that the union is following the law. They literally have to take the union’s word for it.

Examiner Editorial: Obama’s labor board bails out big unions again