Obama Personnel is Policy: AFL-CIO Lawyer Deborah Greenfield

President Obama’s so-called ethics rules have become meaningless and a common joke for many comedians.  However, administration appointments are important to the American people – as President Ronald Reagan said, “personnel is policy.” 

 That’s why the National Right to Work Committee launched a new information series to shine sunlight on Obama Administration personnel that will most assuredly try to expand the forced unionism privilege enjoyed by Big Labor.  The Right to Work Committee created this investigative video series to provide brief and important information about Obama personnel and their relationship with forced unionism.  (See attached Alert PDF and the AFL-CIO produced agenda for the Obama Administration, “AFL-CIO Turn Around America.”)

Our first video alert concerns AFL-CIO Associate General Counsel Deborah Greenfield, now Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ Director of the Executive Secretariat…



 (see related National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation video and Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA))

It is time to hold President Obama accountable for his promises.  The National Right to Work Committee provides this regular review of Obama Administration officials that can influence worker rights as a tool for you.