Obama's Albatross — Big Labor

Thomas Lifson, writing for the American Thinker argues that the marriage between Big Labor and the Obama political machine is an albatross around the president’s neck:

Big Labor funnels big money to Democrats, but for Barack Obama’s re-election chances, the alliance is a mixed blessing.  Voters are catching on that public employee unions have bought themselves salaries, work conditions, job security, and retirement benefits that most in the private sector can’t even dream of ever getting.  And they understand that in an era when job creation is the challenge, Obama’s ties to unions can be problematic…Whoever the GOP nominee is, he or she should go after Obama’s NLRB and its treatment of Boeing. There are 5000 workers who would be unemployed by this bureaucratic fiat, and hundreds of millions of dollars of facilities made unusable. Wisconsin is proving to be an apt test case for the benefits of getting a better deal for taxpayers from the unions. The plight of union workers forced to hand over dues which are funneled into Democrat coffers also deserves mention int he presidential debates.