Obama’s Big Labor Secretary Resigned

solisTurningAmericaAroundAFLCIOFrom BuzzFeed:

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis resigned Wednesday afternoon, three sources told BuzzFeed.

Solis was one of the least-visible members of President Barack Obama’s cabinet, rarely appearing on national television or with the president.

“She was involved a lot in labor specific stuff but you didn’t see her out there a lot on, or being listened to, giving the side of what working families would think about taxes, health care, etc,” said one Labor official.

A White House official confirmed that her resignation did not come as a surprise to President Obama.

One labor official said Solicitor of Labor Patricia Smith is under consideration to replace Solis. Previously she was the New York State Commissioner of Labor.

Solis, a former member of Congress from California, has served as Secretary of Labor since 2009. A spokesman for the Department of Labor said Solis’ final day in office is “to be determined.”