Card Check Supporting Republican Taking Heat in NY Special Election

In the upcoming Special Election in , it’s safe to say two of the three candidates are solidly in the pocket of Big Labor.

Just this past Monday night, when asked by a reporter if she supported “Card Check,” Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava replied, “yes, yes I do,” and then called the cops on the reporter for questioning her!

Of course, that might not be a big no surprise considering her full support of “Card Check” on the AFL-CIO’s questionnaire and the Big Labor money she’s received for her campaign.

The good news is that although both the Republican and Democrat (Bill Owens) are supporters of forced unionism, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has answered his Right to Work Candidate Survey in 100% opposition to forced unionism.

But with both the Democrat and the Republican in their back pockets, Big Labor believes they’ve got it made going into the November 3 election.

Right to Work supporters should make sure they let these candidates hear from them in the coming days!