Organizing Migrants and Illegals in Toledo

AFL-CIO Boss John Sweeney visited Toledo recently to march with 500 migrant workers rallying for amnesty of illegal aliens. The AFL-CIO Boss brought with him $60,000 in workers’ forced-dues money to give to the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC). FLOC is moving beyond Ohio and North Carolina in hopes of organizing migrant farm workers in Georgia, South Carolina, and elsewhere, which could at least double its membership of 11,000.

In a speech, Sweeney called Congress’ efforts to secure America’s borders as “more than shameful.” In fact, Sweeney said the building of a fence to keep illegal aliens out of the country was “an international disgrace.” It appears that the way Sweeney looks at the world, every illegal alien stopped at the border is a new dues-paying member of the AFL-CIO — illegal or not.