Patriotism – Big Labor Style

Pro-forced unionism Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is a proponent of the so-called “Patriot Corporation Act,” a bill that says if you take away an individual’s right to vote for or against a labor union, force an employer to remain silent, and eliminate an individual employee’s right to get information about unionization from anyone other than a union organizer, you will get preferential treatment for government contracts – and reach the lofty status of a “Patriot Corporation.”

It seems that Senator Brown is worried about maintaining and, in fact, dramatically increasing Big Labor’s monopoly power over workers as a solution to job losses in his home state. There is another solution – pass the National Right to Work Bill which would simply eliminate the federal authorization that allows union officials to have workers, who refuse to pay dues or fees to a union, fired!

There is another cosponsor of the “Patriot Corporation Act” – Sen. Barack Obama.