President Obama’s Lobbying Arm Operates Out of National Education Association Teacher Union Headquarters

As he toured the country last year promoting Shadowbosses, an exposé of monopolistic government unionism he authored with his wife Elizabeth, professor and pundit Mallory Factor liked to characterize the Democratic Party, provocatively, as a “subsidiary of Organized Labor.”

Democratic President Barack Obama and his political operatives evidently didn’t take offense. As David Greenfield pointed out the other day in a blog post for FrontPage Magazine (see the link below), Organizing for Action (OFA), the new big-money political advocacy group created by former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, is literally located inside the headquarters of the mammoth National Education Association (NEA) teacher union.

Whether OFA is paying rent to NEA union bosses, or they are donating prime office space as an “in-kind contribution” to team Obama bankrolled with forced dues-fueled treasury money, remains unclear at this time. Regardless, it’s pretty obvious who’s calling the shots for OFA. Greenfield elaborated:

[T]he NEA is . . . a money funnel to the organizational infrastructure of the left, funneling sizable amounts of cash to Media Matters, Jesse Jackson’s racial shakedown group, Soros’ Democracy Alliance, DailyKos, Netroots Nations and the NAACP.

And now completing the takeover, the political arm of the Chief Executive is operating out of the NEA headquarters making the United States government an actual subsidiary of teachers unions.

It’s getting hard to tell the difference between America and Greece.

United States Government Now an Actual Subsidiary of Teachers