Republican Incumbent Assemblyman With Big Labor Backing Loses to Unknown

From New Jersey’s Liberty and Prosperity, Rick Shaftan reports:

Largely unknown Democratic challenger Vince Mazzeo defeats Atlantic County Incumbent Republican Assemblyman John Amodeo by 40 votes.

Amodeo bragged about his support by union boss Steve Sweeney’s forced-dues built, big building trade unions. Amodeo was all in, he totally backed Sweeney’s Big Corporation-Big Union-Big Government agenda.

Amodeo supported “Project Labor Agreements” (forcing local government agencies to hire high priced union contractors only), paid family leave, and a $400 million taxpayer bailout of the Revel Casino.

Amodeo publicly called Liberty and Prosperity members as “those damn teabaggers”. Interestingly, Amodeo lost by 40 votes, the number of people who normally attend Liberty and Prosperity Saturday morning breakfast meetings.