'RTW States Are Net Job-Creators While Forced Unionism States Are Net Job-Destoyers'

A few hours before Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday, University of Michigan-Flint economist and American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Perry challenged the President to show he is “really serious about job creation.”  Drawing on U.S. Labor Department data I used for a February 10 blog post for the National Right to Work Committee’s research affiliate, the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, Perry showed that state laws protecting employees from termination for refusal to pay union dues or fees are strongly correlated with greater job growth.  In Perry’s words,  the labor market data suggest that “RTW states are net job-creators, while forced unionism states are net job-destroyers.”

The National Right to Work Act (S.204), introduced in Congress late last month by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), would repeal all federal labor law provisions that currently authorize compulsory unionism in the private sector, and thus remove what appears to be a major impediment to employment growth.  In Perry’s words:

By supporting national RTW legislation, President Obama would demonstrate that he’s really serious about helping the US economy to create more jobs and bring down the stubbornly high jobless rate. . . .  [Of course,] we realistically shouldn’t expect any mention tonight of S.204, which means that the president isn’t really serious about any proposals to increase jobs, no matter how successful, if those solutions alienate his union supporters.

If Obama is really serious about job creation, he should support Sen. Paul’s ‘National Right to Work Act’ tonight