Schwarz Turns to Big Labor for Life Preserver

Pro-forced-unionism Republican freshman Rep. Joe Schwarz (R, MI-7) is finding, according to the congressional newspaper Roll Call, his back against the wall and is turning to his union allies to save him.

Schwarz, who snuck through his primary last cycle by garnering 28% in a crowded field of candidates who divided the other 72% of the vote amongst themselves, is now facing a spirited challenge from Right to Work supporter and former state Rep. Tim Walberg.

Recognizing the threat of losing a forced-unionism lackey in Schwarz, Big Labor has stepped in to try to save him.

The Service Employees International Union is heavily involved in the race. “We have a good number of Republican members in his district,” said SEIU spokeswoman Avril Smith. “We’re doing get-out-the-vote stuff; we’re doing some mail in the race. We are communicating with all of the members in his district.” SEIU has about 3,500 members in the 7th, she said.

In addition to get-out-the-vote activities, Schwarz has received nearly $100,000 in contributions from labor unions.