SEIU Internal Document Exposed

The National Right to Work Committee has obtained copy of an SEIU “Strategic Plan” for 2013 that was sent out by SEIU Executive Committee member and Local 1 President Thomas Balanoff.   Click here to download a copy of the plan Balanoff sent to his minions earlier this year. SEIU Local 1 union receives almost all of its operating funds from forced dues from its monopoly bargaining contracts in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri.

What does SEIU plan to do? Here are two quick examples —

SEIU Local 1 extends from Chicago to the Mexican border, and it t is planning disruptions in every major airport in its slice of America from Chicago O’Hare to Houston and everything with n a  state or two  east and west.  So, fasten your seatbelts there is going to be turbulence. It’s in the plan.

If you live in Milwaukee, Detroit, or Chicago and like baseball expect to be harassed as you enter and leave baseball stadiums this summer.  It’s in the plan.