Sen. Harkin: Elections are “Unfair Barriers” for Big Labor

Iowa has been the center of a Big Labor, forced-unionism storm since Democrats took control of the state government. Their attempts to role back the State’s Right to Work Law has been slowed by the vocal objections of workers who have made it clear they do not want forced unionism in their state.

But that hasn’t stopped long-time Big Labor supporter Sen. Tom Harkin from trying to eliminate secret ballot elections for workers in the Hawkeye State. In fact, Harkin is so troubled by workers privately expressing their views he denounces these elections as an “unfair barrier” for Big Labor organizing campaigns. We wonder whether Harkin believes a secret ballot election was an “unfair barrier” for election to the Senate.

Iowa’s other Senator, Chuck Grassley, has a better understanding of the pulse of the state. His aide Beth Pellett Levine is quoted in the same article as saying the Senator will likely oppose the Card Check Scheme bill as elimination of a secret ballot election opens the door to “intimidation and coercion.”