Sioux City Journal: Big Labor’s Real Goal

As we battled to save the Iowa Right to Work Law, union bosses and activists began to publicly promise that their goal was not to repeal the job creating law. Instead, they just wanted folks to pay their “fair share” as they tried to make Iowa state employees second class citizens with fewer rights than their private sector counterparts.

But the Sioux City Journal reports on an amazing discovery:

The May 2007 issue of the Iowa AFL-CIO News tells us a decidedly different story. Under the title “Promises Broken n Labor Betrayed,” this official publication gives a hint of what Big Labor really was after.

“After forty-two years of waiting, forty-two years of supporting Democrats, in the hope of getting rid of the accursed right to work law or, short of that, at least passing Fair Share, labor was betrayed by those who led us to believe they supported us.”

As the paper points out:

So, there it is. Big Labor does want to reverse Iowa’s status as a right-to-work state, no matter what they said in public. The article goes on to say “. . . all you have is your word, and if your word is no good, you have nothing.”


The Sioux City Journal was a stalwart in protecting Iowa’s Right to Work statute. But they shouldn’t be shocked at such duplicitous behavior. The battle is, was, and will be about forcing Iowa workers to pay union dues or fees as a condition of working.