Taxpayers Foot Big Labor's Effort to Oust Gov. Walker

Media Trackers has done some digging and found that in Wisconsin 80% of the federal stimulus money went straight to the coffers of the government worker unions.  Of course, that money allows the union bosses to spend freely to try to remove Gov. Scott Walker from office.

The implementation and retention of its new state public-sector Right to Work law are critical for Wisconsin's efforts to furnish relief for taxpaying individuals and businesses and reinvigorate private-sector income growth. Credit: Rick McKee/Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle

Also, Media Tracker noted that choice was the real economic downfall for Big Labor; when given the choice, so-called union members left the unions in droves:

In addition to seeing how the stimulus money flowed in Wisconsin, the case also shows why the unions were so up in arms when Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill (which is currently pending before the Supreme Court) passed the legislature in February. While most of the media noise centered on employees having to pay for a percentage of their pension and healthcare, and the elimination of many collective bargaining rights, for unions the elimination of mandatory dues is the real killer.

When Gov. Mitch Daniels changed the laws in Indiana to stop mandatory dues it decimated the unions. Unions saw their revenues cut by 90 percent. In 2005 16,408 [government employees] people paid union dues, today it’s a mere 1490. Ouch!


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