The Big Labor Threat to Democrats

Douglas Schoen is a political pollster and strategist that worked for President Bill Clinton.  Schoen has a warning to his fellow Democrats — their relationship with big labor union bosses threatens their future.  Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Schoen notes: 

A key reason for the Democrats’ extraordinary defeat in the midterms is that the party lost critical support from independent swing voters. In large part, as polls consistently show, this is because of the party’s big-government programs such as health-care reform, the bailouts, and the stimulus packages.  If the Democrats want to be competitive in 2012, they must move decisively back to the center. And unless they’re able to break the stranglehold that government-employee unions have on the party on policy, as well as in financial and political support, it will be virtually impossible for Democrats to restore fiscal health to states like New York and California.