The Hits Just Keep On Coming

The count continues to go higher as more pro-forced unionism, Big Labor Republicans have been stabbed in the back by “their allies.”

This time it’s New York Congressmen John Sweeney (R) and Sue Kelly (R).

Sweeney and Kelly have been reliable votes for Big Labor privilege over rank and file workers during their tenure in Congress. The “deal” was simple. Don’t make Big Labor mad and they will leave me alone. Never mind what is good for America’s working people, just don’t upset the union elite. It was widely anticipated (and surely expected by Sweeney and Kelley) that the AFL-CIO State Federation would not recommend an endorsement in these races. But with blood in the water, union officials and their political operatives are going for the kill.

Sweeney is running against Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand who proclaimed that the AFL-CIO bosses were the voice for a “new direction in this country.” She has picked up the endorsement of a number of labor unions who have endorsed Sweeney in the past. Kelly is facing former pop star John Hall of Hall and Oates fame.