Trumka Pledges to Spend Even More on Politics

Like a lost soul with nowhere to go, AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka is pledging another revamping of the AFL-CIO political operation with less focus on candidates and party and more on “hyper-localization” of races.

We have heard this all before.  Trumka continues to believe that if he can find a different way to spend million in worker’s hard earned dues money, he will be more successful electing pro-big labor candidates.

Make no mistake about it: 1) The American people do not support big labor’s big government agenda; 2) The AFL-CIO will spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to re-elect the president who has carried their water everyday of his presidency; and 3) The results will be the same as if the union spent their money the way the did in the past.

True reform will come to workers and to the labor movement when workers have a choice whether to pay for these political crusades that cost billions and return little to everyday workers.