UAW Offers to “Help” Toyota

Dennis Seid of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal has a laugh at the expense of United Auto Workers (UAW) Boss Ron Gettelfinger’s recent offer to unionize Toyota’s employees:

. . . to help the world’s No. 2 automaker “continue to be a success.”

Uh, oh! It’s no wonder that Toyota isn’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospects. They’ve done just fine without the UAW, and probably don’t need the UAW to come to its “rescue.”

Consider what has befallen General Motors, Ford and Chrysler the past few years. The UAW has certainly helped them continue to be successful, hasn’t it?

The UAW, using their compulsory unionism power, has endangered the livelihoods of the very workers they claim to represent.

Seid sums it up, “Face it: The UAW has helped turn the domestic automakers into inefficient, bloated companies. It’s why they’re shedding plants, workers and brands.”