Union Boss Accused of Embezzlement

KGO-TV in San Francisco is reporting that “[a] group of San Francisco sheriff’s deputies is suing their union president, charging he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Five sheriff deputies are accusing their union president, [David Wong] and other officers of embezzling more than half a million dollars from their treasury.

“We have tried for more than a year to demand accountability. We have repeatedly petitioned the DSA [Deputy Sheriffs Association’s] Board of Directors to address these issues,” said Joseph Leake, a San Francisco deputy sheriff. . . .

Those suing claim members voted to purchase a building which houses the association’s offices, but they say it’s being leased.

“The money that’s supposed to be in the building fund, it’s not accounted for,” said Johna Pecot, a San Francisco deputy sheriff.

Perhaps the most serious accusation is that Wong used union money to pay the mortgage of his home. The association investigated that charge. . . .

The five sheriff deputies had another charge.

“Approximately $65,000 of DSA funds was used to make improper and unauthorized contributions to various political candidates,” said Leake.