Union Bosses Protect Rogue Government Employees Who Stole From Hurricane Victims, Taxpayers

The Manhattan Institute’s Public Sector Inc. blog recounts the flabbergasting story of what happened after more than 100 rogue state employees in Connecticut “fraudulently applied for disaster food aid meant to refill the refrigerators of poor people who lost power” during Hurricane Irene in 2011 and consequently  got fired by Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy.  Last summer, dozens of the grifters got their jobs back thanks to a grievance filed by government union bosses and the Nutmeg State’s demented public-sector labor laws, which include monopoly-bargaining and “binding arbitration” provisions:

A state arbitrator ruled Gov. Dannel Malloy’s punishment – firing – was too harsh and reinstated dozens of these employees. Instead of losing their jobs, these employees lost two weeks of pay.

The arbitrator’s decision, the details of which remain secret, and, indeed, the decision of some state employees to take advantage of a program intended for the poor are emblematic of Connecticut’s problems today.

Connecticut’s state-employee safety net – Public Sector Inc. Forum