Unleashing the Storm

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s end run around the legislature to give public sector unions more bargaining power is entering phase two as the three largest public employee unions in the state are joining forces to create a “labor behemoth that some observers believe will dominate the effort to organize state employees,” the Denver Post reports.

The “announcement came in the wake of Gov. Bill Ritter’s executive order earlier this month granting [union officials the power bargain exclusively for some 32,000 state employees] . . . . Prior to the order, state employees were able to join and pay dues to unions, but the groups’ bargaining authority was much more limited. Leaders of Colorado WINS, or Workers for Innovative and New Solutions, said they hope the coalition will provide a unified voice for workers and eliminate some of the competitive scramble expected among various unions for state workers’ support in the coming weeks and months.”

In other words – now that we (the union bosses) have everything worked out and total control – send the workers to us.