Victory in Wisconsin

Right to Work supporters won a victory in Wisconsin last night, as Big Labor’s $20 million forced-dues campaign to take over the State Senate fell short.

Six Republicans who voted to reform the state’s government union monopoly bargaining system were up for reelection. To take control of the Senate, Big Labor puppets needed to defeat three of them.

They only managed two, and one of those was struggling with personal issues that had far more to do with his defeat than anything the union bosses and their forced-dues machine could conjure up.

This is clearly a victory for Governor Walker and all of those who voted to free taxpayers and individual state employees from the monopoly control of Wisconsin’s government union bosses.

Next week, there are two more recall elections, but this time the incumbents will be Senators who fled the state at Big Labor’s behest, in a vain attempt to block this year’s reforms. If either of them loses, it will be an even more serious blow to Big Labor’s attempt to run roughshod over the voters and taxpayers of Wisconsin.