… And Women Must Weep

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Important facts in the “… And Women Must Weep” controversies are:

  1. An illegal, wildcat strike* was called by the “Monroe-faction” of Local1459, IAM. Notice of a strike vote was not posted. The secret ballot requirement in the union’s own constitution was ignored.
  2. The “Monroe-faction” sought to prevent other union members from working. The “Monroe-faction,” and later IAM International officials refused to permit a secret ballot on settlement terms offered by the company.
  3. Violence occurred when union employees braved the “Monroe-faction” picket lines. It was climaxed with the shooting of a baby, the daughter of two employees who crossed picket lines to work.
  4. The Princeton strike demonstrated (the film story suggests) that under compulsory union membership, union officials may become irresponsible, may violate union rules and contractual responsibilities, and fight with violence to destroy the legitimate rights of union rank and file members. As one of the characters in the film says, “(Elimination of forced union membership) would pave the way for responsible leadership, and if we had that, we never would have had this (strike).”

*The strike was called without International union sanction as required in the IAM Constitution. (Sections 1 & 2, ARTICLE XIX, IAM Constitution.)