Synopsis of videos available in The National Right to Work Committee’s Multimedia Video Archive


Produced by Cecil B. deMille

This ten-minute film produced by and features the famous Hollywood Director Cecil B. deMille.  He discusses his personal experience with the heavy hand of forced unionism.

Here’s part of deMille’s introduction of Showdown!

I am speaking as a private citizen who believes that every American must have the right to earn a living for himself and his family everyone whether he belongs to a labor union or not.  Today in more than half the states, unions have the legalized power to force a man to join them, and support causes to which he may be conscientiously opposed.

Can you as a responsible citizen close your eyes to the fact that in your own state a man’s Right to Work can be taken away from him by the whim of a labor boss?

Can you afford to leave such power in any hands?

… And Women Must Weep

Produced by the National Right to Work Committee

Documents the violence in Princeton, Indiana before the passage of the Indiana Right to Work law. Homes were bombed and filled with bullet holes. A new born was shot in the head during this union violence.

The Scepter of Violence

Documentary reporting on union violence from Louisiana to Chicago.

Compulsory union violence created by the 1935 Wagner Act, the NLRA, made the “closed shop” a national law and gave union bosses mandatory powers only equaled by government powers to tax.

See the stories such as: “Little Joe” Hooper takes last drive to work and never returns home to his wife and children – a victim of union violence. His crime, he had join a small independent union not the AFL-CIO.