Vilsack Delivers for Big Labor

David Broder, Washington’s venerable political reporter, has offered up a classic example of puff piece journalism about Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. Broder, referring to Vilsack as a dark horse presidential candidate in 2008, profiles the governor as a successful power broker — for bringing Big Labor and the Democrat Leadership Council together to support the anti-worker and anti-democracy “card check” bill.

Readers of this blog know the “card-check” bill is nothing more than the “blank check” bill — giving union bosses the power to intimidate and coerce workers to unionize. The legislation eliminates secret ballots at home when America is spending billions to support democracy and free elections abroad.

It’s sad that Broder fails to see through this rouse. Rather than asking the tough questions, he parrots Big Labor’s line, actually arguing that those who oppose the bill are doing so “ostensibly” to protect workers’ choices.

Whether Broder understands the issue or not, workers know that secret ballot elections are a right worth fighting for.