What does the $2.2 Billion Big Labor spent on politicians buy labor bosses?

BigGovernment.com reports that $2.2 Billion was spent by Big Labor during the last two election cycles from its forced-dues fed treasuries.  This by far exceed Big Labor’s $1/2 Billion 20-year cumulative political contributions found at OpenSecrets.org.

The big question: What does the $2.2 Billion Big Labor spent on politicians buy labor bosses?  The list is so extensive that it deserves a blog post of its own.  Please consider commenting with your own suggestions for the list that may be added to the upcoming related blog post.

From BigGovernment.com:

The [Professor Anthony Davies’ series of charts] represent dollars flowing to politicians from the “Top-100” special interest donors over the last 20 years.  [In Davies’ chart Big Labor spent $500 million combined over a 20-year time period.]

Further investigation reveals that the money represented on this chart is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Big Labor spent $2.2 Billion on political activities during the 2008 & 2010 election cycles alone — eclipsing by four times the 20-year $1/2 Billion from the chart.

But, then no one should be shocked by this. You see Big Labor has special powers above all other special interests..

Big Labor has the power to force workers to pay union dues and fees as a condition of employment. Without the power to compel the unwilling, Big Labor and the Democrat party would be forced to fight on the battlefield of ideas rather than choking the airwaves with its propaganda.

While Duquesne University Professor Anthony Davies’ series of charts about reported political donations provide marvelous visual comparisons (h/t NRO’s Veronique de Rugy), they still fail to take in the full magnitude of forced-dues financed politics and the absolute control Big Labor has over the Democrat party and the political system.

Occasionally a Big Labor PAC might give a Republican $5,000 or even a bit more; meanwhile, its union bosses will use ithe union’s treasury and human capital to spend a hundred-fold in an effort against that very Republican candidate.

In one year alone, just 3,000 of the more than 20,857 of DOL electronic union reports spent more on political activities from their compulsory-fees filled coffers than Big Labor reported in their 20 years of political campaign disclosure reports. And, these DOL reports do not include unions that exclusively represent government employees or AFL-CIO central bodies.

Big Labor is quite simply a political organization that has been allowed to spend billions collected by force on political activities. It is time to end the Big Labor forced-dues political machine.