Where is Hilda Solis?

On December 19, 2008, Mr. Obama announced his choice for U.S. Secretary of Labor – California Rep. Hilda Solis (D). Yet, if you visit the DOL website, you find that she is not Secretary. In fact, you will find in the DOL key personnel section that there are 33 vacant positions and one Acting Secretary of Labor listed. That’s a lot of patronage going unused.

So where is Solis? Since her confirmation hearing when she refused to answer many substantive questions or did little more than sidestep the questions, her previously submitted public disclosures were less than forthcoming and complete. Now, the word is that Solis has completely shutdown communications with Senators who are asking for details and supporting documents related to her more recent tax disclosures and activities as Treasurer of the forced-union-dues financed American Rights at Work.

One theory regarding the Solis stonewalling is that the Obama Administration has decided to use Harry Reid and company to powerhouse her through the confirmation process. Another theory is that she may have “discovered” more information that combined with her other late disclosures would be the last straw for her nomination. Time will tell.

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