Young Shows His Old Colors

Rep. Don Young is a pro-forced unionism Republican who often sings off big labor’s song sheet.  He is at it again.  The Anchorage Daily News reports Young is denying that the Forced Unionism Card Check Bill will eliminate the secret ballot:

One questioner obviously didn’t like his stand in favor of union card check legislation.

Don said he’s “prejudiced” on this one because he’s a Teamster. “I believe in unions. I believe in working people. They say the secret ballot is eliminated. That’s not true. A secret ballot can be requested.”

Requested by whom Mr. Young?  Card checks empower union bosses to force employees to accept a union as their exclusive bargaining agent solely through the acquisition of signed union authorization cards from employees in a particular bargaining unit. Since union officials themselves keep the signed cards until they obtain the required number, workers have no real privacy rights vis-à-vis Big Labor in this process. And under the watchful eyes of union organizers, workers may be intimidated into signing not just themselves, but all their nonunion fellow employees, over to union-boss control.

Mr. Young knows all this.