100%: “Generally Acceptable”

The AFL-CIO did it again. It abandoned another anti-Right to Work, pro-forced unionism Republican and endorsed his Democrat opponent. This time is was Rep. Randy Kuhl of New York. The AFL-CIO joined the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) in switching their long-time support from Kuhl to his Democrat opponent Eric Massa.

The amazing thing about this political move is that Kuhl had a 100% rating with the Big Labor Bosses in the New York State legislature. And since coming to Congress, Kuhl has walked the forced-unionism line right well in Washington. In fact, Kuhl has sponsored the AFL-CIO’s “litmus test” issue of card check unionism.

AFL-CIO representative Peggy Costello said, “In years past, we’ve based our endorsements on voting records. Randy Kuhl’s record in the NY State legislature was generally acceptable.” She added that it was “time to clean house.” Kuhl, a first term congressman, has overstayed his Big Labor welcome.

These political back stabbings should really not come as a surprise to pandering Big Labor Republicans. Voting with the bosses 100% of the time is not enough.