A Marker

Politics is often a game of inches, not yards. Success does not come overnight. But as any legislative strategist will tell you, getting a roll-call vote on a critical issue is the first step toward long-term success, no matter what the initial outcome.

That is why Sen. Jim DeMint deserves praise for his efforts to get a vote on a National Right to Work bill. Despite an obvious outcome, DeMint was able to put all Senators on record for the first time in a decade on where they stand on the critical issue of workers’ choice. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said: “No law — federal or state — should force an American to join a union in order to get a job in this country. . . . This is about individual rights. There should not be a federal law that discriminates against workers who choose not to join a union.”

Not surprisingly, the amendment was defeated by a large margin, as the union bosses currently have a majority of Senators carrying their water. But the short-term outcome is not as important as the long-term fight.

Check the roll call to see where your Senator stands on Right to Work.

Once again, thank you, Sen. DeMint.