Acting GC Peter Ohr Tosses Former GC Peter Robb’s Memos

NLRB Memos

Acting GC Peter Ohr has been hard at work, but for all the wrong reasons. He’s been throwing out all of Former GC Peter Robb’s works in progress. Robb’s memos include ways to further protect worker’s rights and make it more difficult for unions to grab hold of control.

Patrick Semmens, a voice for Right to Work, spoke out on the subject in an article posted in Bloomberg Law:

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation bashed Ohr’s decision to trash Robb’s memos expanding financial oversight of unions, saying it shows that the Biden administration and the NLRB’s new top lawyer aren’t focused on protecting workers’ rights.

“Rather, it exposes their real priority, which is the expansion of union boss power to the detriment of individual workers,” said Patrick Semmens, a spokesman for the foundation, a conservative advocacy group that litigates against unions.

Bloomberg Law

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