An Update on RTW Tennessee Economic Developments

Three companies are investing soon in Right to Work Tennessee. These are Ford Motor Company, Florim USA, and Kelvion. Ford Motor Company is adding a new location within the state. Meanwhile, Florim and Kelvion are expanding current Tennessee locations. All of these investments will be great for the economy because it will create new jobs. This announcement is also evidence of how Right to Work states support business and economic growth.

Read more about each investment below!

Ford Motor Company:

Ford Motor Company is adding new locations in both Right to Work Kentucky and Tennessee, creating 11,000 new jobs!

“Today is a historic day as we welcome Ford Motor Company and SK Innovation to Tennessee. […] The ripple effect resulting from these projects will be transformational for our state, especially West Tennessee, and we are most grateful for this enormous investment and the addition of two top global brands. To have such a world renowned, American company land as our first tenant at the Memphis Regional Megasite underscores the site’s strength and potential for additional joint venture partners and suppliers.” […]


Florim USA:

Florim USA is expanding soon in Right to Work Clarksville, Tennessee with a $35 million investment. This will also mean 30 new jobs!

“For over a decade, Florim USA has invested in state-of-the-art production processes, enabling technologies, workforce cleanliness and safety, and environmental responsibility. We’ve seen the great success and tremendous opportunity that has been created from our continued partnership with […] Tennessee. These new expansions are aligned with Florim USA’s philosophy of environmental sustainability by supporting efficiency in energy consumption and minimizing waste generation. We are not only thinking about our growth today but growth with an environmentally sustainable future inspired by our parent company, the first porcelain tile manufacturer to become a Benefit Corporation and to obtain the B Corp certification.” […]

“Italian companies have invested more than $265 million in Tennessee since 2015. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Florim USA. We thank this globally-renowned ceramics company for investing approximately $35 million in Montgomery County.” 



Kelvion Inc is expanding in Right to Work Knoxville, Tennessee with a $3.8 million investment. This will also create 74 new jobs for Knox County!

“It has been the honor and privilege of Kelvion to expand in Knoxville where we have received the full support of the community and its leaders from the outset. Growing our business in the U.S. is one of the top strategic objectives for Kelvion.” […]

“Nearly fifty percent of new job commitments in East Tennessee are the result of expansions, proving that Tennessee provides the ideal pro-business climate for companies to grow. We thank Kelvion for creating more than 70 new family-wage jobs and investing again in Knox County.” […]

“TVA and Knoxville Utilities Board congratulate Kelvion on its decision to expand operations and create new job opportunities in Knox County. It’s always an exciting day when we can celebrate a company’s continued commitment to growth in the Valley.”


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