Another Candidate for Freedom and Prosperity

Thomas Molitor is a candidate for the state House of Representatives in New Mexico who understands the importance that Right to Work laws play in job creation and economic growth:

Freedom of choice is a far better system. If a worker feels the union can represent them and they agree with the politics (or do not care), they are free to join the union. Likewise, an employee can choose not to join a union at all.

In fact, a freer market will open up, giving employees a choice of which union will best represent their interests with the dues they pay.

But at every stage the agreements should be voluntary. Employees should be free to join or not to join, and employers should be free to bargain with unions or not. Let freedom of choice and a more competitive market sort out value. The free and open market, not the heavy, restrictive hand of the government, will determine the best employment atmosphere, allowing for maximum freedom for employers and employees.

As it happens, right-to-work states have higher disposable income and faster economic growth. They create more jobs, and have more income equality and lower poverty rates than non-RTW states.

For these reasons, I am strongly in favor of New Mexico becoming a right-to-work state.”