The April 2010 issue of The National Right to Work Newsletter is available

The April 2010 issue of The National Right to Work Committee Newsletter is available for download in an Adobe pdf format for your convenience to read and share. It is the Committee’s official newsletter publication that provides an excellent monthly overview of the battle against forced unionism.

April’s issue contains the following headlines:

Right to Work Revving Up Survey 2010 — Pro-Forced Unionism Federal Candidates Will Have Nowhere to Hide

Big Labor Congress vs. State, Local Taxpayers — Monopoly-Bargaining Mandate Would Bust Budgets Across Nation

New NLRB Made to Order For Big Labor — ‘Recess’ Appointee: Workers Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Reject Unions

‘Decade of Decline’ in Private-Sector Jobs — Forced-Unionism State Employment Down by 1.9 Million Since 1999

Organized Labor Bosses ‘Own’ ObamaCare — Scheme Injurious For Millions of Unionized Workers, Retirees

New Web Site Facilitates Member Action — Right to Work Activists Will Now Be Able to Do More, Faster

 To view these and other recent Committee Newsletter articles online, click here to go to the Committee’s “Newsroom” section where the 20 most recent newsletter articles can be easily viewed.