April 2014 NRTWC Newsletter Now Available Online

april_2014_newsletter (Click here to download the April 2014 National Right to Work Committee Newsletter)

In the April 2014 Edition:

Big Labor Loses in Florida Special Election — Right to Work Poised to Be an Important Issue All Year Long

Pro-Forced Unionism Senators Feel the Heat — Survey 2014 Leaves Forced-Unionism Allies With No Way to Hide

Workers Fight Back Against UAW-VW Collusion — Law Bars Company From Handing ‘Things of Value’ to Union Bosses

Can Fiscal Sanity Prevail in Illinois? — Government Union Monopolists Wary of Gubernatorial Challenger

Right to Work Helps Michigan Economy Revive — Big Labor Claims About Impact of Forced-Dues Ban Are Discredited

Union-Free Public Educators Under Assault — Teacher Union Dons Eager to Hogtie Big Apple’s Charter Schools