Assistant Professor James Wolfinger — Hypocrite

Only an aspiring ivory tower professor could twist logic and claim “Americans who believe in a broader vision of democracy” should support the Card Check Forced Unionism bill now pending in the United States Senate.

The bill, H.R. 800 and S.B. 1041, would radically change the way workers are organized into unions, giving union organizers the ability to force representation on workers who never asked for or voted for a union to represent them.

Shouldn’t a democracy include secret ballot elections? Shouldn’t workers in a democracy have a right to make choices without the threat of intimidation from union goons? Wolfinger, an assistant professor of history at DePaul University, turns logic on its head by supporting legislation that threatens the fundamental tenets of democracy while claiming to support it. Shame on Wolfinger, and shame on DePaul for setting such low standards.