August 2010 National Right to Work Newsletter Summary

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August 2010 National Right to work newsletter

Committee Trips Up Government Union Sneak Play: Public-Safety Forced Unionism Still High on Capitol Hill Agenda

Forced-Unionism Issue Hot in West Virginia: Would-Be U.S. Senators Urged to Stand Up to Big Labor Bosses

Why Are Oakland Burglars Breathing Easier?: Public-Safety Union Monopoly Undercuts California Law Enforcement

‘Nowhere to Flee’ Sherman Strikes Again: Union-Label Solon Bringing Back Right to Work Destruction Scheme

Union Dons Take Care of Themselves, Not Workers: Unlike Unionized Workers’ Pension Funds, Union Bosses’ Are Secure

Job Losses Increase Pressure For Reform: Grass-Roots Right to Work Efforts Expanding in Midwestern States