Auto Manufacturer Boom in Right to Work States

BMW SC flags-100

According to Neal Asbury, chief executive of The Legacy Companies and NewsMax contributor:

“If there is still any doubt that the policies of right-to-work states bring enormous benefits for the economy and workers, a story in the Wall Street Journal revealed that foreign auto companies soon “will build more cars and trucks in America than the Detroit giants.” And these foreign auto manufacturing plants are being built in right-to-work states.”

Asbury backs up his assertion with facts:

“How effective is the right-to-work movement in auto manufacturing? In the first quarter of 2018 foreign auto manufacturers are expected to produce 1.4 million vehicles in the U.S. The Big 3 share of American sales dropped to 44 percent in 2017.”

If you are interesting in reading more of Asbury’s thoughtful commentary, you can find it here at this NewsMax Right-to-Work States’ Policies Validated by Foreign Car Manufacturer link.