Back Door Card Check?

Mark Tapscott of the Examiner looks at Big Labor’s back door play to impose the Card Check Forced Unionism bill on America.

Now, the the Obama administration is pushing new arbitration rules that would allow a union to gain representation certification in any company so long as it wins any representation election. The National Right to Work Foundation describes it in these terms:

“The new procedure would stack the deck in favor of unionization by granting a union monopoly bargaining power over workers if the union ‘wins’ an election, no matter how few eligible workers actually participate in the vote. In fact, this means that a small bloc of workers could force union boss ‘representation’ on the whole group as opposed to a true majority of all workers deciding for themselves.”

The foundation has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all NMB documents, including correspondence, transcripts or notes of meetings, reports or handouts, proposals, speeches, phone logs, or other writings or recordings, between [Harry] Hoglander or [Linda] Puchala and any union official or lobbyist concerning the proposed rule change.

“President Obama repeatedly promised a new era of openness, transparency, and ethics but has repeatedly violated that pledge when it comes to paying off Organized Labor bosses,” said Patrick Semmens, legal information director of the National Right to Work Foundation. “National Mediation Board members should comply with the letter and spirit of that policy by not making rulings that so directly benefit their recent associates, ALPA and AFA union officials, in their quest to force more workers into union ranks.”