Ban Big Labor’s Phony Employee Schemes

2.8 million National Right to Work Committee Members Urge Congress to Pass Truth in Employment Act

National Grassroots Lobby calls on Congress to end coercive union ‘salting’
Greg Mourad, National Right to Work Committee Vice President

Today, U.S. Congressman Rick W. Allen (GA-12) introduced the Truth in Employment Act (H.R. 5178) in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The following is a statement from Greg Mourad, Vice President of the two-million-member National Right to Work Committee in support of the Truth in Employment Act:

“The House should work to pass the Truth in Employment Act (TEA) introduced today by Congressman Allen to end the destructive union organizing tactic known as ‘salting,’ a scheme that targets small businesses with harassment to pressure employers into forcing workers to accept union monopoly representation and dues payments.

“‘Salts’ are union militants who apply for jobs with the sole purpose of unionizing a workplace. They disrupt work, promote hate-the-boss propaganda, and drum up so-called ‘unfair labor practice’ charges to tie up small business owners in costly litigation. They identify as union organizers from the outset, giving employers an impossible choice: Hire the ‘salt’ – and accept the chaos and disruption they create or refuse – and face a barrage of ‘unfair labor practice’ charges from union lawyers.

“Even firing blatantly unproductive ‘salts’ can embroil business owners in costly legal battles with union lawyers paid for by workers who, in many cases, are forced to pay union dues or be fired. The incessant litigation is enough to drive many employers out of business, and others are forced to turn over their employees to union bosses. Union bosses choose this and other coercive tactics when they could be seeking workers’ voluntary support.

“The Truth in Employment Act would put an end to Big Labor’s ‘salting’ tactics by clarifying the language in the National Labor Relations Act so that employers can’t be forced to hire union ‘salts.’ On behalf of the National Right to Work Committee’s two million members nationwide, we urge each member of the Congress to support this legislation.”

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