Latrobe Specialty Metals Employees Finally Freed From Unpopular USW Union Bosses

NLRB granted Latrobe Specialty Metalworkers freedom from USW Union Bosses... But only on a mere technicality.

After several months of the United Steelworkers Union (USW) Bosses attempting everything they could to hold onto power, the Latrobe Specialty Metals employee majority that wanted them gone have finally been granted their wishes.

The last straw finally came when USW bosses attempted to force Latrobe Specialty Metals employees under their control by initiating a “contract bar,” which would mandate that employees remain members for three years from the date of their contract. However, this was desperate attempt was rejected by the NLRB due to the fact that start and end dates were missing on the contracts. As a result, the employees were set free from union reign.

From The Center Square:

Mark Mix, the foundation’s president, said although the ruling is a win, it only rested on a technicality.

He said that had the dates been included, the board would have likely enforced the “deceptive union scheme to trap workers in union ranks against their will for three more years, as the ‘contract bar’ permits.”

“This is yet another demonstration that the ‘contract bar’ destroys union accountability, as union bosses can rush to ‘ratify’ unpopular contracts in secret, safe in the knowledge that a three-year shield from being voted out awaits them,” he said. “This victory exposes glaring flaws in American labor law.”


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