Beware of Big Labor's Filibuster Reform

Big Labor supporters in the US Senate seem determined to push through efforts to end or limit the use of the filibuster.  Such a move runs counter to the vision of the Founding Fathers making the Senate an adjunct version of the House of Representatives.  It would also give union bosses unmitigated power to jam through their radical legislative agenda with 51 votes.  A few Senators, like John McCain (R-AZ) seemed poised to compromise on the issue.  It is worth noting that labor union bosses have rejected the compromise.

This is a critical fight.  If the filibuster rules had been different, there is little doubt that the “Card-Check forced unionism bill” would have become law, as well as a host of other big labor giveaways.  Some Senators who just won re-election by claiming to be moderates are on board with the radical overhaul.

“[Changing the rules] would weaken and possibly eliminate the minority party’s ability to debate in the United States Senate,” Senator Ron Johnson correctly noted.  “It would silence the voices of nearly half of all Americans, who are currently represented by Republicans.”

The time has come to act.  Contact your Senators today.