Biden Fires Labor Board Lawyer, Undermines Workers’ Rights

Just one day after entering office, Biden fired Labor Board General Counsel Peter Robb, even though Robb had nine months remaining before his term ends. While many Big Labor Bosses and forced-unionism supporters applaud Biden’s unprecedented action, it undermines workers’ rights.

The National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix told Mark Tapscott of the Epoch Times:

“A general counsel who was serving during the Truman administration who had time left in his term was asked to resign and complied, but never before has the general counsel for the NLRB been fired, so this is a first. […] The reason they had to get rid of Robb is because he has issued several complaints that give individual workers the right to act under the NLRB Act.” […]

“We’ve got several cases pending at the NLRB that are specifically about giving workers the right to exercise the privileges and powers they were granted under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.”

The Epoch Times

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