Big Labor and the NY Times Hate Recall Elections (Sometimes)

If finding inconsistencies on the New York Times editorial page were a boxing match, the fight would have to be stopped especially when it comes to recall elections and big labor.

Writing for The Blaze, Chris Field discovered amazing contradictions in logic by the Times when it comes to recalling governors: 

The New York Times and the labor unions — led by the AFL-CIO — announced their rabid opposition to the recall of a democratically elected governor.

They even went so far as to label the recall effort “an unwise move with potentially damaging ramifications” being led by “wealthy, opportunistic politicians”; a plan that could create “instability”; a “rendezvous with potential political chaos”; a “hijacking of an election”; a “tangent of mischievous politicking”; a “sorry indulgence”; and a source of “mischief” — among other descriptions.

Of course, their cries of woe have nothing to do with the efforts to recall Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker, whose efforts have saved the state millions of dollars and increased the protection of personal freedoms for those who don’t want to join labor unions.

Their state of outrageously outrageous outrage was over the efforts to recall unpopular and failed California Democratic Gov. Gray Davis back in 2003.

The New York Times editorial board believed that the recall effort was the “Wrong Remedy in California” (as the editorial headline read):
Recalling Governor Davis, however, is not the answer. It is an unwise move with potentially damaging ramifications.

The California Labor Federation sent a letter on Monday to the state’s Democratic elected officials alerting them to the “unequivocal position of the labor movement” on the recall.

“I am telling people that you have to stand on your principles,” Mr. Pulaski said in a telephone news conference from Chicago. “We are not guided here merely by the short term or practical reaction of politics, but a principle upon which we stand, that this is a hijacking of an election.”

Not to be outdone in the left’s attempt to explain to the nation how awful and un-American the recall of a governor is, Times columnist Clyde Haberman cried:

No matter who wins and who loses in the California recall election today, one result is already certain: the circus out there makes one proud to be a New Yorker.

On second thought, drop the word ”circus.” It isn’t fair. The circus deserves better. It at least lets you know going in who the clowns are.

Sooooo, the recall of an elected governor is horribly evil horribleness that undermines democracy with pure partisanship from opportunistic jerks seeking to overturn fair elections — except when the agenda of the progressive left and the funding of Big Labor are at stake.


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